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Jackson Hole
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Quality of Life

The Spackmans & Associates feel fortunate that they have lived in this region for their entire lives, and they know that smart investments still exist in this valley and that the experience of living here is incalculable. Jackson Hole real estate has been increasingly defined in the past decade by its exclusivity. Because of a regional commitment to stewarding and preserving open spaces, limited private properties continue to appreciate in value both in the eyes of their homeowners and on the market. This gives real estate here a touch of quiet while also assuring that world-class amenities and a pristine outdoor environment are at our fingertips.

Private land conservation measures further distinguish Jackson Hole from other acclaimed prime real estate destinations. Conservation easements and active stewardship keep elk, bison, bald eagles and a host of other important flora and fauna on the ground. Quality of life is elevated by nature and open space. Even within the city limits high density housing is not the norm. With median home prices often fluctuating around one million dollars, serious buyers know what they want and they find it through discriminating real estate brokers who are intimate with the property listings.

Helping clients find the exact fit is how Spackmans & Associates take pleasure in showing Jackson Hole real estate. Prime properties are always coming available on the MLS with a distinct range of possibilities and homeowner benefits to match, from sweeping ranch-style dwellings, to open space for building the dream home, to hand-hewn architectural masterpieces, to ski, golf and tennis benefits. Each of the six following areas of Jackson Hole offer a unique foundation for embarking on the experience of real estate in Jackson Hole.

National Parks

We are realtors and brokers in Jackson Hole because we naturally want to share this place with buyers who will potentially appreciate the natural and rugged beauty and opportunities it holds. As your guides to Jackson Hole, Spackmans & Associates would like to orient you to this region by first explaining that Jackson Hole is the name used to encompass the entire valley which runs between the Teton and the Gros Ventre Ranges. The Snake River cuts through this region as it descends into Snake River Canyon at the south.

Much of these two ranges lie within Grand Teton National Park, which was established in 1929 and expanded in 1950, and the Tetons extend north into Yellowstone which was the nation’s first national park. While crossing into this valley was a rite of passage for explorers and then early homesteaders in the late 1800s, the parks have become a natural extension of the privilege of Jackson Hole homeownership. Now Rockefeller Parkway connects the two parks and getting into this wilderness zone is made simple with entrances near Teton Village, Moose, and Moran in Wyoming and a northern gateway to Yellowstone in Montana as well. Within the parks visitors find remnants of early settlers at Mormon Row and Menor’s Ferry as well as tributes to the history of this early mountain home – from Sleeping Indian mountain to dude ranching to mountaineering to preservation – at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitors Center and the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve.

Jackson Hole is part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the largest intact temperate ecosystem in the lower 48 States – 18 million acres of protected wildlife habitat, national forest and national park lands. Development is carefully regulated within this region leaving 97% of the landscape preserved as open space. In this environment habitat is diverse and plentiful, from evergreen expanses and crisp high-altitude lakes to the more rare moose, beer, wolf, bald eagle and cutthroat trout.

The parks and their peaks are covered in snow from November through March offering snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, and for the most adventurous, the chance to ascend and ski some of the most exciting mountain chutes and spines in North America. As snow melts and fills Jackson Lake and the Snake River, anglers and boaters take their place along the banks and, as Spackmans & Associates can attest, the sheer amount of hiking trails and climbing routes could not be exhausted in a lifetime.

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