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For years, Bloomberg has rated Wyoming as the most tax-friendly state in the U.S. Here are the 10 top tax benefits


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schools in Teton County

Schools in Teton County

Comprised of nine schools, including both an alternative and regular high school, Teton County School District #1 is supported by a strong revenue base. A stringent hiring process means that teachers often bring more to the classroom than competency and their understanding of curriculum. They are engaged and active community members, invested in their own professional development, with extracurricular interests that continue to connect the classroom to the community. Service learning and alternative and extracurricular studies programs ensure that students not only have a well-established path to success but that they excel. Jackson Hole parents are proud because their teens learn to manage busy academic schedules and participate in their community through service learning, the arts, and the Jackson Hole outdoors.  

In addition to the public school system, there are two independent schools offering private educational facilities in the heart of Jackson Hole – the Journeys School and Jackson Hole Community School. Journeys School is part of Teton Science Schools. Many new homeowners find this pre-kindergarten through 12th grade option to have an innovative campus and a scope of expertise that makes a perfect fit for their youth. The Journeys school opened in the fall of 2001 and now serves around 180 students on their Jackson campus.

With its inaugural year in 2004, Jackson Hole Community School is another independent academic offering for students from 9th-12th grades. As the name implies, this school, like its founders, is rooted in community engagement and collaboration. Learning through discovery, with a strong focus on academics that connect with Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, are all part of the excellence of their programming.
From each of these schools, Jackson Hole graduates have gone on to some of the most prestigious and competitive universities across the nation. Beyond the school system, active students find continuing educational opportunities at Teton Science School and the Center for the Arts – including Dancers’ Workshop and the Art Association – where hallways and studios bustle with performing and visual arts students of all ages throughout the summer, weekends and afternoons. A host of other nonprofit organizations engage youth with service and arts oriented programming including the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Teton County Library.


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