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Abundant Opportunities

As serious recreationists, Spackmans & Associates have had the chance to observe and live among the abundant wildlife populations of Jackson Hole. Home buyers and sellers across the valley will equally recount stories about the big game sharing their backyard. We all prize these landscapes and the healthy flocks and herds of big game that migrate and feed here. Serious hunters and outfitters find this region a sportsman’s paradise. So too renowned ornithologists and naturalists are among the home buyers and sellers who have a profound interest in the vast ecosystems of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

The 25,000 acre National Elk Refuge makes one ungulate a particular fixture of the region. In addition to being the largest wintering concentration of elk in the world, the Refuge also manages a herd of some 800 bison. Mule and white tail deer also have important migration corridors through the valley each fall. Antelope and bison enjoy open prairie along the highways throughout the summer and moose too are easily spotted on a drive through the parks and even munching on branches around ski and golf properties and subdivisions near Teton Village and Wilson. There is consistently the amusing traffic jam in Grand Teton National Park when grizzly and black bear meander through the low country. Hikers have the chance for more intimate contact with these beasts as well as the smaller creatures such as marmots, fox, wolf and coyote who hunt and play throughout the region. Water fowl and riparian corridors are well-stewarded which puts property owners in close proximity to eagles, osprey, trumpeter swans, sage grouse and other interesting and rare bird species.

Wildlife expeditions are available year round, especially for those Jackson Hole real estate owners who cater to guests, both personal and professional. Nature mapping and preservation are the focus of many nonprofit organizations and private homeowners here in Jackson Hole while the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, National Museum of Wildlife Art, and the esteemed painters and photographers who own homes in and around Jackson also give us an artful way to deepen our appreciation for our wild neighbors.  


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