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Wyoming Tax Advantages

For years, Bloomberg has rated Wyoming as the most tax-friendly state in the U.S. Here are the 10 top tax benefits


For the seller

There are many components that lead up to a successful sale that often go unnoticed or are unknown. A seasoned real estate professional will insure you get the best price for your property and in a timely manner. Spackmans & Associates will help you navigate the many components involved in listing your property and bringing your property to a successful sale. A few of the major components involved include properly valuing your property, effective marketing of your property, strong communication and follow up with buyer and Realtor leads, contract negotiations, and bringing a property to a successful close.

Property Valuation

A property needs to be correctly valued to ensure limited market time and the highest price. To many sellers error pricing a property too high leading to price reductions and long days on the market thereby reducing their negotiating strength. You need to be confident that your Realtor has a pulse on the market to determine the best price for your property. The only way to know a market’s pulse is by actively working with both buyers and sellers on a daily basis which is something Spackmans & Associates feel fortunate that they do.


A property needs to be exposed to the right target market and in a professional way. Most of today’s buyers are beginning their search for real estate on the web. Your Realtor needs to know what real estate websites a buyer will be navigating and making sure your property is exposed on those sites. Not only does your property need to be exposed on the right websites, but in an effective way. Photos say more than words so professional photos that are well lit and capture that magnificent view out your window will be sure to get your property on a buyer’s wish list. For this reason, Spackmans & Associates always hire a professional photographer for each of their listings. When a buyer identifies a property they like they will often contact the listing agent directly for additional information. It is very important that the buyer receives a quick response and receives additional information that adds value. This often includes marketing materials such as brochures, high quality maps, subdivision information, area information, etc. that, when using Spackmans & Associates, are professionally made by the Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty marketing department. Spackmans & Associates feel fortunate to be able to leverage the marketing strength of Sotheby’s International Realty along with their own personal marketing. In addition to web exposure a Realtor needs to know the most targeted print advertising and needs to also be able to effectively communicate a property to the local real estate community. Being respected among their peers is something Spackmans & Associates value and strive to maintain. The have found other Realtors are quick to give them a call when they have a good buyer to discuss current listings.  

Communication and Follow Up

Many leads will develop during the listing period and diligent follow up is critical. Your Realtor needs to be well organized and have a lead follow up system in place so they may continue to engage a lead with pertinent information to the property and to the overall Jackson area. Following up with a potential buyer in a way that adds value is critical and requires expertise. Should the buyer request information through a Realtor they are working with, the same professionalism and attention needs to apply. Spackmans & Associates work very hard to put their customers and associates ahead of everything else and this can only be achieved by their team approach. 

Contract Negotiations

Once a buyer has been procured and an offer has been submitted you will look to your Realtor for guidance on a response. There are many things to consider in addition to the purchase price such as the amount of earnest money, closing date, type and time of contingencies, closing costs, buyer qualification, etc. An experienced Realtor will help you understand the intricacies of a contract and help to put together a very thoughtful response.


After a buyer and seller have agreed to all terms of the contract you will need the expertise of a Realtor to guide both parties to a successful closing. Many unforeseen issues can arise during this process that have the potential to delay or even derail the closing especially if a seasoned Realtor is not involved. Road blocks to a closing can come in the way of title issues, property boundary issues, inspection items, appraisal amounts, loan approvals, to name a few. Spackmans & Associates' depth of experience and strong network of experienced land planners, contractors, attorneys, title officers, etc will help to move the transaction to a successful closing.
Spackmans & Associates have been involved in hundreds of transactions representing hundreds of millions in real estate closings given them a level of experience that is unmatched in the Jackson Hole real estate market and has even brought them national attention. Spackmans & Associates understand that your real estate holdings are often one of your largest investments and need the utmost attention and professionalism.

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